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BELFIELD,Dublin,Republic of Ireland

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University College Dublin, Stillorgan Rd, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

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University College Dublin


University College Dublin is the leading research-intensive university in Dublin, Ireland with over 1482 faculty members and 32,000 students strength. Since after its inception in the year 1854, the university has managed to flourish and make extensive contribution towards the betterment of modern Ireland through its research based programs and successful engagement in the society on every levels. UCD is the one of its kind research based university where the post-graduate, under-graduate and PhD programs are offered.

The global position of University College Dublin has improved and hence it became the first globally engaged university that draws more than 30,000 students from across the world.


University College Dublin campus sprawls in more than 130 hectares that comprises world class facilities and colleges including UCD Sutherland School of Law, UCD O’Brien Center for Science, UCD Student Center, UCD Lochlan Quinn School of Business and more.

The new campus of UCD is designed by renowned A&D Wejchert & Partners Architects that comprises some of the notable structures.


University College Dublin excels as the leading research institutions of Dublin and it offers quality education to students through its different schools and departments including:

·         UCD College of Arts & Humanities

·         UCD School of History

·         UCD School of Music

·         UCD College of Business

·         UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy

·         UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

·         UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering

·         UCD School of Civil Engineering

·         UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering   

·         UCD School of Medicine

·         UCD School of Food Science and Agriculture

·         UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

·         UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science

·         UCD of Biology and Environmental Science

·         UCD School of Earth Sciences

·         UCD School of Physics

·         UCD School of Economics

·         UCD School of Psychology

·         UCD School of Education  

Teaching Standard

Students can benefit from post-graduate and graduate programs at University College Dublin because education standard at UCD is very high and it is offered by experts and experienced faculty at the leading edge of their fields and the course curriculum of each department is updated regularly with latest research.

UCD is globally acclaimed for its academic excellence and world class learning environment. Its nine subjects are ranked in top 100 in world out of 30 subjects and it is the first university in Ireland in 12 subjects. The education standard is well complimented by its high standard of student support. There are student advisors and peer mentors available for each program. UCD takes the pride for offering EU Supplement Label to all the students for recognition of qualifications globally and it is the leading Irish university in QS Employer Reputation Survey.


·         Art, Humanities and Social Science

·         Housing and Midwifery

·         Agriculture and Food Nutrition

·         Medicine

·         Law

·         Engineering

·         Business

·         Architecture

·         Social Science

·         Science

·         Radiography

·         Physiotherapy

UCD is the leading and elite international university where all the courses are designed masterly to ensure that students excel in the field of study. By amalgamating research based education with practical implementation, the university ensures to give each student with the opportunity to excel in their respective program.

Student Facilities

The life of a student in UCD not just revolve around the lectures and study, instead there are many things where students can get engaged and enjoy quality life at UCD throughout their study years. Students will find a wide range of sport activities, social life, societies and much more to enhance their university experience. Regardless of your subject area, you will surely enjoy your student life at UCD in the midst of world class student facilities.

The university itself comprises of over 60 official sports clubs and some of the exceptional sports activities for students. There are student societies that can help students to explore their interests and even develop some new interests during their educational years. There are more than 100 active societies where students can involve and know something new and develop new interests.

All students at UCD become members of UCD Student Union that help them to represent their opinions and views and works on a number of university committees. Socializing within the campus is easy as it is supported by robust technology system within the campus.


The first year students are required to find the best place for accommodation within UCD campus. There are different types of accommodation facilities for students including on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. Students need to book their accommodation at the time of enrollment to secure an accommodation within the campus.

Notable Alumni

UCD takes the pride for shaping and producing some of the great and respectable alumni that are honored in their respective fields. Most of the justices in Supreme Court of Ireland are produced by UCD in 1922.

·         Neil Jordan, an Oscar winning director and producer

·         Gabriel Byrne is a popular Actor

·         Sean MacBride, the Nobel Prize Winner in 1974

·         Peter Sutherland, The First Director-General of World Trade Organization     


To support the students in their education and cover the tuition fees UCD offers a variety of scholarship programs. Students are required to check the scholarship page of the university website to know the available scholarships like:

·         Global Excellence Scholarships

·         Universitas 21 Alumni Scholarship

·         Research Programme Scholarships

·         Current Postgraduate Academic scholarships           



Courses Offered

MSc in Supply Chain Management

Masters | 12 months


MEngSc in Civil Engineering

Masters | Full Time (2 years)


GradDip in Media and International Conflict

Masters | Full Time (1 Year)


PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Law

Masters | Full Time (3 years)

11-Sep-17, 22-Jan-18

MSc in Biosystems and Food Engineering

Masters | Full Time (1 year)


MSc in Geographies of the Global South

Masters | Full Time (1 Year)

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