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Sep/Oct 2016


  • Middlesex University, UK


    Situated in Hendon and a mere 25 minute journey from central London would take you to one of the world’s most renowned academic universities, Middlesex University in United Kingdom. Known for its comprehensive programs, first class faculty, sprawling campus and research oriented laboratories, it is one of the greatest institutions that United Kingdom has to offer the world!

    Existent for about more than a decade, the university has been a hub to hundreds of intelligent minds who had the ambition of doing something noteworthy and different in the world of education, teaching and learning. The university roots could be dated back to 1878, where the prestigious St. Katherine College first opened in Tottenham. Later, inception of additional colleges and in situations across London grew, finally paving a way for inception of Middle Polytechnic in 1973.

    Recently, the university bagged the ever famous Queen Awards for its excellent contribution in imparting first class Higher Education along with a Queens Award for international trade and enterprise. Owing to its current education a standard, the day is not far when it would be recognised as a leading centre for academic brilliance transforming young talents into competent professionals.

    Campus Life

    With a huge lushing green campus spread in-housing most proficient faculties, modern and ultra-rich buildings, state to art hostel facilities, lecture halls and great laboratories, it has immense space where students can enjoy, study, relax and call a second home for them.

    When you are at Middlesex, you have a room of diverse programs to embark your career ride with its wide plethora of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of

    ·         Business

    ·         Health

    ·         Education

    ·         Art

    ·         Media

    ·         Law

    ·         Science and Technology

    Acing as a leader in the field of creativity, its art and media programs are internationally accredited where students are given practical hands on training from the first year itself in digitally maintained studios and workshops using state to art software and equipment.

    The award winning faculty and its methodological teaching will give you the best experience to train you in your field of subject. Pursuing a master’s degree will open the doors of internships, fellowships and research oriented certifications that will train you on finding solutions to real world problems.

    Student Faculties

    When you are a student at Middlesex University you get to enjoy a host of activities like counselling, childcare that will help you a great in career and financial advice while you enjoy different set of opportunities that the university campus has to offer including:

    ·         Counselling services

    ·         Finance

    ·         Nursery

    ·         Foreign language certifications

    ·         Free medical check-ups

    ·         Aid to dyslexic and disabled students


    Promoting overall growth to its students, university campus provides a wide range of sport activities to be developed. There are many in-campus clubs and societies in different sports where students have participated in national and local events and have brought accolades for the university:

    ·         Basketball

    ·         Rugby

    ·         Hockey

    ·         Swimming

    ·         Table Tennis

    ·         Swimming


    Coming to Middlesex, there are two main types of accommodation available discussed as followed:

    ·         Hall of Residence

    If you are an out stationed student, this is perhaps the most favourable accommodation to choose where housing varies between luxurious studios to simples dormitory halls. Once you are eligible for the guarantee sim, you can enjoy the self-catering residence hall while you pursue your degree in this prestigious educational institution.

    ·         Private Accommodation

    If you are low on budget or would like to explore some freedom, going in for private flats, rooms or lodgings could suit your need. As, this would give you the flexibility to enjoy your weekends away from the watch of university authorities while you pursue your degree here!

    ·         Accommodation for disabled students

    The university provides full support to disabled students that can be arranged via contacting its disability support centre. In addition, there are short term lodging services available within the university campus itself.

    International Students

    Every year, there are whooping admissions where students from all corners of the world gather on this multi-cultural hub to pursue their degree programs.

    The importance of personality development is what young professionals need today. To allow all round development and let their students grow, the university maintains an amiable, welcoming and modern atmosphere where students get to taste a flavour of religious diversity while they are trained academically to set there foots apart in the competing world.

    Scholarships and Student Exchange programmes

    Financial limitations can sometime deprive young prodigies from achieving success in life. To eliminate the same, Middlesex University offers various scholarships to its students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

    In addition, it has collaborations with various foreign universities that allow students to explore new culture, country and environment giving them the much needed exposure into real world.


    Even after you are done with your degree or programme at Middlesex, you’re long lost memories and relationship will not end as you get connected to the alumni board. As an ex student, you belong to the strong international network of 150,000 students that started through the doors of the same while embarking their journey into the professional world.

    Former Students, get to enjoy an enormous pool of benefits and services extended via the Alumni Association of the Middlesex University. Further, to ensure the alumni do not miss out any important events or latest news catering to university, they can update their details like change in contact number, address via online portal myAlumniHub and remain in touch.


  • Courses Offered

    Nursing (Mental Health) PGDip

    Masters | Full Time (2 years)


    Employment Law PGDip

    Masters | Full Time (1 year)


    Design Engineering BEng (Hons) with a foundation year

    Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


    Global Supply Chain Management MSc

    Masters | Full Time(1 year)


    Novel Writing MA

    Masters | Full Time (1 year)


    Theatre Arts BA (Hons)

    Bachelors | Full Time (3 years)

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