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Aberdeen University, UK


The University of Aberdeen in UK was founded in the year of 1495. Being one of the oldest universities in Scotland, Aberdeen is also known to be the fifth oldest institution in UK. An overall population of 14,500 students makes the Aberdeen University of UK, a popular choice for gaining education. Also large communities of international students are a part of this Aberdeen University.

Around 96 percent of students are provided with a job offer, after the completion of their courses and the remaining carry forward their research and training, in case they want to pursue post-graduation.

The major attraction for a student to become a part of the institution is the tradition which is entrenched with the history of the university.  Each and every candidate gets a cutting edge, while he is performing his research in the campus. The level and quality which is provided to the candidates, who are part of the Aberdeen University, makes it a major point of attractions of the candidates who are eager to be the part of it.


Availability of different departments offers several courses at the institution. A total of four departments are a part of the university, which includes,

·         Chemistry department

·         Physics department

·         Computer science department

·         Mathematics department

Teaching standards:

With a full support to the research students, the faculty of Aberdeen University is highly skilled and professional ion the education they provide. Friendly attitude and professional attitude enables the candidate to gain the best level of education. Great collaboration and support are provided by the students studying in the university.

Courses offered:

A complete different level of education with support and assistance is provided to the candidates who are studying in the university. Various courses which are offered by the University of Aberdeen in UK includes the following,

·         Course in accountancy

·         Course in Anatomy

·         Course in Arabic

·         Arts and social science courses

·         Course in Anthropology

·         Archaeological courses

·         A course in biochemistry

·         Course in biology

·         Course in biomedical sciences

·         Course in biotechnology

·         Anglo-saxon and celtic study

·         Course in chemistry

·         Course in counseling skills

·         Developmental biology courses

·         Course in computer science

·         Course in ecology

·         Course in Teaching

·         Religious studies and divinity

·         Course in environmental science

·         Course in forestry

·         Film and visual culture courses

·         Course in genetics

·         Geographical courses

·         French courses

·         Course in gaelic


Talking of the campus of Aberdeen, all the training and research activities are executed in the Foresthill and old Aberdeen campus. Several courses of medicine and life sciences are taught at Foresthill campus, and the old campus primarily deals in various courses, including, social sciences, arts and more. Ocean lab is known to be the marine research cell, which offers research facility to the interested candidates. A research course in human health and nutrition is provided by the Rowett in UK. Training in marine ecology and management of resource is provided at Cromarty.

Some of the most popular courses which the University of Aberdeen primarily deals in include social science, arts, engineering, computing and technology. Biomedical is another important department in the university which offers quality education.

Students’ facilities:

An independent group for students provides all types of assistance to all the students who are a part of the esteemed university. A well-furnished library and eating options available at the campus, facilitates the students who are studying in the university.



Becoming a part of the Aberdeen University is one of the most exciting moments for the students. Making new friends, living an independent life is something that enhances the overall personality.  The staff of the accommodation team provided top notch assistance to the students who are looking for an accommodation.  The official website of the website, guides you with the exact procedure which one needs to follow for getting the accommodation, without any hassle.

From completely catered accommodation to flats of self-catering, university’s accommodation service provides it all.  Being very near to the old campus of Aberdeen, the commuting facility becomes quite hassle free.  An extremely friendly accommodation staff, always provide the right assistance to the candidates, who are looking for an accommodation in the campus.


There are different types of services which are provided to the alumni of the college, which includes the following points,

·         All the alumni get a free online access to the college journals

·         A lifetime accessibility of the email account

·         One can also find his or her friends using the alumni hub

·         A free entrance is also provided to the travel club

·         The career guidelines can still be used by the alumni of the college

·         There is an affinity credit card, which is provided to the alumni and friends of Aberdeen.

·         Alumni can also purchase different gift items, and support the students’ studying in the university.

·         A copy of the respective degree can be obtained by the alumni of the university in the form of a transcript.


In order to cope up with all the expenses which are required for talking admission in the university, Aberdeen provides various scholarships schemes for various courses offered in the university. Interested candidates, can go through the entire procedure of scholarship application on the official websites, and easily get funds for pursuing a course in the university.

Not only under graduates courses, but the university if Aberdeen provides several scholarships for post graduates courses as well. There are different types of options available which provides the funding for various post graduate courses.

Courses Offered

Physics with Philosophy BSc (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


Accountancy and German MA (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (5 years)


History and Politics MA (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


Environmental Partnership Management MSc

Masters | Full Time (12 months)

Sep, Jan

Strategic Studies MSc

Masters | Full Time (12 months)

Sep, Jan

Economics and French MA (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)

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