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Real IELTS speaking Sample Band 5.5 (Examiner Comments included)

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This candidate keeps going and gives extended responses at reasonable speed, although there is occasional loss of coherence, as at the end of part 2. She uses a range of discourse markers and cohesive devices, although her range is fairly limited.
Her range of vocabulary is one of the strong points of the interview: it is sufficient to discuss topics at length and she displays some use of idiomatic language as in the use of phrasal verbs. She does have occasional problems accessing the words she requires, and makes errors in both word choice and word formation. However, she is able to paraphrase, and errors do not interfere with communication.
Her grammar is her weakest feature: there is over-dependence on the use of present simple with very variable control over other tenses. There are also incomplete clauses with missing pronouns or auxiliary verbs.
Her pronunciation is generally clear and there is some use of
stress and intonation to convey meaning. However, her speech
is mainly syllable-timed and this leads to a rather mechanical
The candidate has a good range of vocabulary and
speaks with reasonable fluency, but is less effective in the range
and accuracy of her grammar. This limits her to a Band 5.5
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