Average Cost Of Doing MBA From UK: Calculate Your Total Expenses

It is an intelligent move to calculate the estimated expenses if you are going for higher studies abroad. The UK boasts of having some of the most popular Universities of the World. So the cost of higher studies like the average cost of doing MBA from UK is pretty high than most other countries of the world.

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Average Cost Of Doing MBA From UK:

The Average cost of doing MBA from UK actually depends on three important factors: The tuition fee in the college in which you are going to take admission. Secondly the duration of the course of study in which you are applying for and thirdly the expenses of living in the city wherein you can easily commute to the college of your choice. All these factors should be taken into account when you are going to calculate MBA expenses in UK. Most of the times when you are calculating the cost of MBA abroad you often end up missing the expenses like food, cost of staying and travelling.  You only take into account the tuition money of the college thereby resulting in the wrong calculation.

A medium cost University can cost up to 9000 to 12000 Pound Sterling as its tuition fees which can exceed to 12000 to 30000 Pound Sterling for a high-cost University. The average living cost in the UK may vary between 16000 to 40000 Pound Sterling depending on the way you live. These are average living costs for students; however you can minimize the living expenses if you stay rented in a group.

Here is a list of top rated colleges with their details & know the Cost of Doing MBA from UK given under, going through which you can estimate the cost of MBA in UK.

Colleges in UK with Cost of MBA:

London Business School

 The best B-school in the UK will cost you 57500 Pound and has course duration of 21 months.

University of Cambridge 

It offers a one-year course for MBA and will charge you 36000 Pound. It has the facility of living inside the campus area which will cost you another 12000 Pound for a living, Food and textbooks.

University of Oxford

This is situated in Wellington Square and has a one year program for MBA.Estimation for Cost of Doing MBA from UK is approx 38000 Pound for the tuition fees. The Cost of living is approx 13000 Pound.

Manchester Business School

The MBA course here is of 18 months that costs approx 37400 Pounds. The cost of living varies between 15000 to 24000 Pounds.

These are some of the top notch Universities in the UK; Getting admission in these B–Schools is a dream-come-true. Expenditure of Cost of Doing MBA from UK is worth spending, it will bring thousands of opportunities after completion of the degree.

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